escape to happiness

Is the tranquility of country life calling you? Would you like to occasionally escape in a cocoon of happiness? The option of a cottage is an idea that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. As the need for wide-open spaces, quietness and nature has grown, the team at Century 21 Macintyre would like to give you some advice to consider before embarking on this new adventure.

1. Choosing the location

It is essential that you research the surroundings of your cottage before making an official purchase. In addition to considering the history of the property, you need to know how this location provides you with access to the many things you need.

Although it sounds logical, you need to take into consideration easy access to your cottage by land or water. Also, consider this in light of the different seasons in Canada. Can you get there by car? Are the roads properly maintained?

2. Look at your finances

Although buying a cottage seems like a very attractive choice, you must consider the costs associated with your purchase. Do you want a big cottage? Do you want easy access to water or a ski station? All of these simple questions can greatly influence the price of the cottage.

In fact, it is crucial to inquire beforehand about the expenses related to the maintenance of your property (water, electricity, insurance, heating, etc.). Once this is done, it will be easier to establish whether the purchase of a cottage is possible according to your budget.

3. Verify the amenities

Before making a final decision, make sure that all amenities related to your cottage are in good condition. Are the heating and water systems working properly? Asking questions and visiting the site yourself are essential ways to thoroughly examine your potential investment.

4. Take into account municipal laws

Again, research what is possible to do within the property. Along with a real estate agent, you will be able to draw up a list of constraints related to the purchase of the property. In the event of a problem, our real estate agents will be able to refer you to a lawyer with the expertise relevant to your problem.

Remember, do your research and use a real estate agent who has the expertise to help you through the process.