Looking To Buy A Waterfront Cottage? What Should You Consider About the Cottage Building?

19 July 2021

Owning a cottage is a dream for many Canadians.  Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, spending time with family and friends and enjoying time on a lake swimming or boating are just some of the reasons people purchase a waterfront cottage.  Shopping for a cottage is very different than buying a property in the city.  Here are several factors to consider regarding the cottage building when shopping for your dream cottage:

  1. Is it Winterized? Do you want a cottage that you can spend time at all year round?  You may only want to spend time at the cottage in the summer and don’t need a fully insulated and heated cottage.  A winterized cottage will cost more but give you full year enjoyment.
  2. How Many Bedrooms?  Do you have a large family or want to invite friends to the cottage?  The number of bedrooms and beds is a factor that depends on the size of your family and the number of visitors you will invite to share time with you at the cottage.  If having a big gang around is important to you then they need a place to sleep.  Building a bunkie is another way to gain extra sleeping quarters.
  3. Does It Have Modern Services?  Is it important to you that you have electricity and indoor plumbing?  Having all the modern comforts is not standard in all cottages.  Some people enjoy more of a “glamping” experience with their cottage.  Consider how important the modern comforts are to your cottage experience.
  4. Does it have a Deck or Screened Porch? Do you enjoy sitting outside enjoying nature?  Part of being at the cottage is living close to nature and hearing the local wildlife.  Having an open deck or screened porch (to keep the bugs away) is a feature that people look for in a cottage.
  5. Does It Have a View? Do you love a view of the water or the rolling hills?  Having a view from the cottage, may it be the water or surrounding area, is an important feature for many people.  Looking out at a beautiful vista can be the best part of being at the cottage.
  6. Does the Cottage Need Repairs? Do you have the time, money, and expertise to do what needs fixing in a cottage?  Some cottage owners love the challenge of a “fix-er-upper” but they are not for everyone.  The current state of the cottage and how much work it needs is a factor you need to consider.
  7. Is the Cottage Dark or Light Inside? Does the cottage have a dark, cozy feeling or is it full of light from a lot of windows?  May cottages are a classic “cabin in the woods” with a dark interior and not many windows.  If windows and sunlight are important to you then make this factor a priority.

The process of finding the right cottage can take time but in the end, it will be very rewarding.  Decide what factors are essential in the cottage building and what you can live without.  Knowing these factors in advance of your search will assist you in making your dream come true!

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